Tips on How To engage with your audience on a deeper level with CrowdSync’s Advanced wearables

2 min read
July 29, 2019

Nearly less than the size of an everyday wristwatch, an NFC wristband can store a
variety of personal information securely. NFC technology has many benefits, including
the notable impact wearables can have on your audience. Here are tips to improve
engagement with your audience for your next event using CrowdSync’s advanced

The Psychology of LED Lights

With proper lighting, designers can make your audience feel frozen in time. Strobe
lights, also known as LED lights, have been known to increase alertness and demand
focus at the moment. Bright lights have been a staple at live events since the 1960s. Light
designers continue to find innovative ways to immerse their audience in something
bigger. CrowdSync has built a reputation for being an industry leader in technology since
2015. Their NFC LED advanced wearable technology allows attendees to contribute to the
light show and even mirror the lighting on stage. This can improve engagement and
creates a memorable experience.

Save Your Battery for When it Counts

Apple Pay and Google have grown extremely popular over the years with the
convenience of submitting payments just by tapping their device. However, when
attending an 8-10 hour festival, it is wise to reserve your battery life for the moments
that matter the most. CrowdSync’s wearable technology gives attendees access to
purchase goods/ services with the information stored on their wristbands. Like the
features found on smartphones, attendees can simply tap and go. Wearables can
significantly reduce wait times at food and beverage lines and allow more time for
attendees to enjoy the show.

Increase in Sales

Major brands have partnered with CrowdSync and witnessed the benefits of wearable
technology. There is a reported increase in sales and website traffic. Organizers can add
brand logos or sponsors and link wearables to their websites. Also, attendees can access
an exclusive URL to purchase merchandise and other presale items before the event.
Many attendees enjoy live events to help reduce stress, improve brain functions, and
gain social connections. Help make the most out of the experience while incorporating
minor details that can sustain a major impact.

Learn more about the benefits of CrowdSync wearables and how to optimize
engagement for your next event.