CrowdSync Helps Vampire Weekend Light Up Madison Square Garden

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July 29, 2019

After months of anticipation, the NFL is back and the New England Patriots started their 2019-2020 season by silencing Steelers fans with a 33 – 3 routing of the black and gold.

And as the 70,000 fans filed into the stadium in anticipation for a brand-new season, they didn’t know that it would start off with an unforgettable experience that took place before the opening kick-off.

To celebrate the 2018 Super Bowl win, every fan in the stadium was given a CrowdSync Controllable Wristband that was programmed for an eight-minute wristband show that synced to an on-field projection video.

Crowdsync Patriots game

Just imagine…Your heart is already racing with excitement for your team to take the field and then the stadium goes dark and your wrist lights up to create a tantalizing light show with heart-pumping music, video, fireworks, and of course, an infamous Gronk spike.

Every section in Gillette Stadium was individually controlled to create a mesmerizing show throughout the stadium.

What Did We Use?

To make this show come to life, we used our Premium 3-LED Controllable Wristbands. These wristbands gave us the flexibility to completely customize this event thanks to the unlimited LED color options and full DMX control with our CrowdSync Control System.


Who’s Talking About Us?

“Lights in the stadium were turned off and the crowd was turned into one big lightshow thanks to individual wristbands that glowed in different colors. Each fan was given one upon entry and told to activate them before the ceremony.”

“The stadium also lit up with the wristbands handed out to fans as they entered, while Gronk made a special appearance to celebrate the championship.”

“The lights were turned off at Gillette, and the stadium was lit up red and blue by wristbands that fans in the crowd wore to make for a cool-looking atmosphere.”