CrowdPass: Future Of Live Event Safety

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July 29, 2019

Companies are always looking for new ways to manage and put together events during a worldwide pandemic. Creating an unforgettable experience is the first thing on companies minds in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. So what ways can Crowdsync enhance your next event?

SafeBands Social Distancing LED Wristbands

Our newly launched social distancing wristbands are the best way to inhibit social interaction based upon the color of one’s wristband. This product is perfect for conferences and any other company event!

The LED automatic wristband can light up green, yellow, and red just like a stoplight.

The color green indicates that they are comfortable with all forms of social interaction, yellow indicates that they are comfortable with some forms, and red means all social interactions must be done in a distant manner.

The SafeBand product is perfect for this type of professional environment, and brings a fun twist to social distancing awareness!

LED Face Mask

Our LED Face Masks bring a fun way to socialize while remaining safe at any corporate event.

In a time where personal protective equipment is a necessity when organizing any event, why not shine in multiple color and sequence options!

It’s the perfect way to lighten the mood and connect with people in a safe way!

RFID Technology

Using our RFID technology, we are able to limit contact at any event even more!

With this technology, nothing needs to be physically touched but rather you can treat our LED wristbands as a ticket to any event.

Whether it be an afterparty, conference registration or anything in between, absolutely no contact is needed when using our radio frequency identification wristbands.

Malaria No More
crowdsync technology

Using our technology can enhance your event experience in the pandemic world that we are currently living in. Our wristbands, LED Masks, and RFID technology will increase safety and enhance the overall event experience.