CrowdSync Lights Up The Offspring's 2023 Let The Bad Times Roll Tour

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September 22, 2023

CrowdSync partnered with legendary punk rock band The Offspring to create an immersive light show at their concert in Jones Beach on September 2nd, 2023. This show was part of The Offspring’s 2023 Let The Bad Times Roll Tour. Joining them on this 24-city roadshow were two other pop-punk powerhouses, Sum 41 and Simple Plan. What set this concert apart was the integration of CrowdSync’s original LED wristbands, the CrowdBands. 

The CrowdBand:

The CrowdBand is equipped with four bright LEDs, allowing them to take any live performance to the next level. What truly distinguishes CrowdSync wristbands is their adaptability, allowing for enhancements such as QR codes or CrowdTags. This versatility transcends them from accessories to integral components of an immersive concert experience. Recognizing the immense potential of CrowdBands, The Offspring forged a partnership with CrowdSync to craft an activation plan that would turn their concert into a dazzling display of lights and energy.

Zoning for Maximum Impact:

For the concert, 14,000 CrowdBands were divided into 10 distinct zones throughout the arena. This zoning allowed for different lighting effects to occur simultaneously in different parts of the venue, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere. As the band played their iconic hits, the CrowdBands responded in perfect synchronization with the music, enhancing the overall experience for the fans.

The Results:

The concert at Jones Beach was a resounding success, with fans and critics alike praising the electrifying atmosphere created by CrowdSync's CrowdBands. Social media was flooded with videos and images of the mesmerizing light show, spreading the excitement beyond the stadium. The Offspring's 2023 Let The Bad Times Roll Tour became a benchmark for how technology and music can come together to create unforgettable moments.

Watch a video from the event here: 

Stay tuned for more experiences from CrowdSync in the world of event tech.