CrowdSync Illuminates Parker McCollum's Concert with LED Wristbands

2 min
November 7, 2023

CrowdSync Technology, the trailblazer in brand activation through LED and NFC innovations, took center stage at Parker McCollum's electrifying concert at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, on Friday, October 27, 2023. The evening was set to be unforgettable with the addition of 10,500 custom LED cloth wristbands provided by CrowdSync.

CrowdSync Shines at Parker McCollum's Concert

The concert, headlined by country music sensation Parker McCollum, was further amplified by the presence of special guests, the Josh Abbott Band and Catie Offerman. What truly set this event apart was the use of CrowdSync's LED wristbands that added an extra layer of engagement to the entire experience.

Immersive Lighting Effects

The wristbands were split into 10 distinct zones. These zones facilitated an array of lighting effects that pulsated to the beat of the music, enhancing and amplifying the show's key moments. The synchronization of the wristbands created an immersive atmosphere for the audience. 

Sponsored by Loud Lemon: Enhancing the Experience

The LED wristbands were sponsored by Loud Lemon, a brand known for its Lemonade Cocktails made with real juice, 6X distilled premium vodka, and naturally flavored goodness.

Illuminating the Night

As the crowd swayed to the rhythm of the music, the LED wristbands flickered and glowed, enveloping the venue. Parker McCollum, accompanied by the Josh Abbott Band and Catie Offerman, delivered an outstanding performance, further magnified by the LED wristbands that illuminated the crowd. 

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