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Elevating Conferences: CrowdSync at Cvent Connect Conference 2023

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August 9, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of conferences and events, innovation is key to leaving a lasting impression. CrowdSync Technology has had the pleasure of elevating several conferences across the United States. In this blog, we are going to dive into how Cvent used CrowdSync to upgrade their annual Cvent Connect conference. 

Cvent Connect: 

Las Vegas came alive from July 24th to 27th as event professionals, engagement experts, and production professionals gathered for the annual Cvent Connect conference. This year’s event was particularly special because CrowdSync Technology, a pioneer in smart wearable technology, provided LED wristbands and activated them at two portions of the conference. 

LED Silicone Wristbands Opened Up The Event: 

For the conference’s opening forum, CrowdSync's LED silicone wristbands, which feature 4 bright LEDs, were customized to include the Cvent Connect logo. The wristbands were placed on the tables for each attendee, illuminating the event with vibrant lights. They accentuated key moments, such as impactful speakers, resounding applause, and performances, seamlessly synchronizing with the flow of the event. As a result, the wristbands transformed the opening forum into an immersive experience.

CrowdSync FlexBand:

The conference ended on a bang - an evening at the iconic Drai’s nightclub in Vegas. CrowdSync provided custom cloth LED wristbands that were adorned with the Cvent Connect logo. As the music reverberated through the venue, the wristbands pulsed in synchrony. The wristbands were synchronized with the music, allowing the attendees to truly be part of the show. 

CrowdSync x Conferences: Lead Retrieval, KeyNotes, Breakout Rooms, NFC Tech 

As the curtain draws on the Cvent Connect conference 2023, it's undeniable that this event has etched an indelible mark on attendees' memories. 

CrowdSync seamlessly weaves technology into conferences, changing how attendees perceive and engage with conferences. While Cvent Connect chose to mainly utilize the LED wristbands to highlight key moments and create an immersive light show, CrowdSync can elevate conferences in many ways. 

CrowdSync wearables can be used for lead retrieval – seamlessly connecting attendees and exhibitors through NFC technology. The products could also serve as dynamic tools for highlighting significant moments, be it keynote addresses or transformative workshops, through synchronized bursts of LED brilliance that elevate the atmosphere and underscore the significance of these instances. Furthermore, the possibilities extend to the microcosms of breakout rooms, with custom LED colors delineating each space, simplifying navigation while adding an artistic touch to the conference layout.

NFC links embedded within these products could be gateways to interactive landing pages, providing attendees with instant access to event-related materials, speaker bios, and networking opportunities. With CrowdSync's innovations, conferences cease to be mere gatherings; they metamorphose into immersive journeys, where technology enriches human connection and engagement.

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