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CrowdSync x Sports

By partnering with CrowdSync Technology, your sports events will reach new heights, revolutionizing the way fans engage and enjoy the game. This cutting-edge collaboration guarantees an unparalleled and fully immersive light show, that caters to all your game presentation requirements.

Our LED wearables ignite the crowd with energy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that amplifies the excitement of the game. With the added benefit of NFC wearables, sponsors can gain valuable insights into fan behavior, making CrowdSync the perfect solution to drive brand recognition and engagement.
“CrowdSync was incredibly helpful in making our vision come to life. They are very collaborative and easy to work with. Thank you for all the hard work!”

— Carolina Panthers

“Using the CrowdSync Technology was one of the best decisions we made. Not only was the company great to work with but the light up LED wristbands allowed us to create a memorable moment that our fans will never forget.”

— University of Michigan Athletics


Kick start your games with customizable activations from CrowdSync. Light up your fans, collect data, and more!

Fan Zones

Create an exhilarating atmosphere by utilizing pulsating LEDs to excite the energy, while also providing interactive features like raffles and giveaways, enabling fans to participate in engaging activities that make the pre-game experience truly unforgettable.

Offsite Tailgates & Watch Parties

Bring fans closer to the live game experience by syncing their devices with the action, allowing them to feel like they are right there in the stadium. Create a sense of unity and immersion that enhances the camaraderie and excitement amongst fans, regardless of their physical location.

Pre-Game Moments

Heighten pre-game moments such as player intros, the national anthem, and hype videos with LED wearables. As the wearables illuminate in perfect harmony with the on-field events, the stage is set for an unforgettable game.


CrowdSync products revolutionize the fan experience at sports games by seamlessly integrating into multiple games, enhancing the excitement and engagement levels among fans!

Big Game Moments

Big game moments like goals can be magnified to a whole new level, as fans can instantly sync their wearables to illuminate in team colors, creating an awesome visual that amplifies the excitement and celebration, making every goal a truly unforgettable experience.

Fan Engagement

LED NFC wearables enhance fan engagement, allowing fans to interact with immersive experiences, such as synchronized light shows, personalized messages, and real-time game updates, creating an electrifying atmosphere that brings fans closer to the action.

Half-Time Shows

Transform the stadium into a mesmerizing display of synchronized lights, allowing fans to become part of the show by wearing the wearables and immersing themselves in a dynamic and captivating visual experience that adds an extra layer of entertainment and engagement


If you're looking for a way to make your event truly unforgettable, look no further than CrowdSync LED wristbands. Our innovative wristbands are the perfect way to add excitement and energy to any live sporting event.

Songs & Fireworks

CrowdSync LED products are programmatically synchronized to illuminate in perfect harmony with fireworks shows, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle that captivates and immerses the audience in a truly unforgettable experience.

Data & Analytics

CrowdSync LED NFC products not only provide a captivating visual experience, but they also serve as powerful tools for collecting valuable data on attendee demographics, attendance rates, purchasing patterns, and various other insights, enabling organizers to make informed decisions and optimize future events.

Memorabilia & More

CrowdSync products leave a lasting impact as cherished memorabilia, as attendees take them home as keepsakes, serving as tangible reminders of the incredible event experience they had.
“We utilized CrowdSync to elevate our fan experience on Halloween by providing light up bands to the entire stadium. The bands were synced to our show and enhanced the overall production. Great communication throughout. Highly recommend.”

— Cleveland Browns

"With the eyes of the nation on us, Crowdsync delivered! Knowing our game would be the most watched primetime TV game of the year, it was PARAMOUNT for us to showcase our atmosphere on broadcast & in-venue. The light show was electric!"

— Notre Dame Athletics

Venue Solutions

Want a more permanent (or semi-permanent) solution - consider our led light bars and badges.

Railing Lights & Badges

  • Utilize the CrowdSync DMX controller for full control of colors, effects, and timing
  • Semi-permanent, easily add or remove.
  • Rechargeable batteries or interchangeable AAA Batteries options offered.

Light Bars & Railing Bars

  • Full DMX wireless control covering all colors of the spectrum and effects.
  • Customizable lengths to fit any application.
  • A versatile semi permanent installation that can be affixed to any vertical or horizontal structure.

Immersive Light Show

CrowdSync Technology is used to create immersive experiences for fans during sporting events. For example, our LED light bars and badges can be attached to railings and seats to create a synchronized light show during halftime shows, player introductions, or other key moments.


CrowdSync Technology can also be used to increase safety and visibility in venues. For example, the LED light bars and badges can be attached to railings and seats to highlight the exits or emergency routes in case of an emergency.


CrowdSync technology can also be used to increase safety and visibility in venues. For example, the LED light bars and badges can be attached to railings and seats to highlight the exits or emergency routes in case of an emergency.
"We ordered 30,000 LED wristbands for the Chicago Fire match at Soldier Field on October 4, and they were a huge hit! The wristbands worked flawlessly, enhancing the fan experience and creating an incredible atmosphere. Thank you!"

— Chicago Fire

“Had a great experience from start to finish with Crowdsync. They were super helpful with what would work best for our venue, and quick to respond with ideas, information, and beyond. We appreciated the attention to detail and promptness.”

— UCLA Athletics

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