Illuminate the Night: Notre Dame's LED Wristband Experience

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September 18, 2023

In the world of sports and entertainment, creating memorable and immersive experiences for fans is a top priority. Notre Dame Stadium, home to the Fighting Irish, has always been known for its electric atmosphere. However, this Saturday night, when the 9th-ranked Fighting Irish host No. 6 Ohio State, something extraordinary is set to light up the sky in a sea of Fighting Irish Green: CrowdSync's innovative LED wristbands. 

A Spectacle in Green

Notre Dame Stadium, with a maximum capacity of 80,795 fans, is gearing up for a sold-out setting like never before. To enhance the gameday experience, CrowdSync custom LED wristbands will be provided for every ticketed fan attending the game. These wristbands are no ordinary accessories; they are programmed specifically for each seat, ensuring that every fan gets a unique experience.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, as this game coincides with the debut of Notre Dame's new all-green Under Armour uniforms and a highly anticipated "Irish Wear Green" contest. CrowdSync's LED wristbands have become a staple at sporting events across the nation and are also prominently featured at major music festivals.

Synchronized Spectacle

CrowdSync LED wristbands are a synchronized marvel. Once Notre Dame officials initiate the lighting effects, the wristbands in each stadium section will come to life in perfect harmony. The result will be an awesome pregame light show that will envelop the entire stadium in a vibrant green glow. Check out these videos to see what our wristband effects are!

Marcus Freeman, head coach of the Fighting Irish, expressed his excitement for this unique atmosphere. "We're excited about the atmosphere," he said, adding that they even convinced him to wear a green jacket for the occasion.

QR Codes and Memorable Prizes

But the LED wristbands offer more than just dazzling lights. Each one features a QR code that fans can scan for a chance to win exclusive Notre Dame Stadium and Fighting Irish memorabilia. Prizes include a stadium flag and autographed items from Marcus Freeman himself. This interactive element adds a layer of excitement, encouraging fans to participate and engage with the event on a deeper level.

A Reminder of Consideration

With the LED wristbands being unique to each seat, Notre Dame officials have requested that fans be considerate of their neighbors and only take one wristband per seat. The aim is to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the unique lighting effects tailored to their specific location within the stadium.

A Glimpse into the Future

While Notre Dame has previously used cell phones to create special light shows during night games, this marks the first LED wristband show of its kind at Notre Dame Stadium. Fans can expect a dazzling display that sets a new standard for game day experiences.

CrowdSync can’t wait to light up the Fighting Irish! Don't forget to scan your QR code and enter the draw for exclusive memorabilia!

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