Leading the charge in
sustainable technology.

By implementing both sustainable practices and recycled materials,
CrowdSync is leading the way in smart wearable technology.

Our Mission

CrowdSync's pledge to create sustainable and smart technology 
begins with three core values: Recycle. Reuse. Refurbish.
Creating an unforgettable experience doesn't end with single use. Those products & memories live on long after the event with CrowdSync.

Making products in
a sustainable way.

Our manufacturing process emphasizes both sustainable materials and sustainable business practices.

CrowdSync's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2032 and this starts with the use of recycled materials. We'll continue to innovate with a focus on rechargeable and reusable products.
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What we’re doing to recycle, refurbish and reuse our products.

Attendee tracking is the process of monitoring venue participants in the goals of collecting and analyzing data to improve the overall event experience.

Streamlining Check-Ins
CrowdSync offers recycling programs for every stakeholder who wants to collect and responsibly repurpose the wearable.  Our turn key solution includes onsite signage, collection bins, and staff to ensure no wearable is left behind.

Streamlining Check-Ins
CrowdSync offers an array of cutting edge controllable LED products. In the design stage, our engineers focus on product lifecycle and sustainability first. This is why many of our products offer rechargeable ports, such as the UltraBand. The CrowdCup, CrowdPendant, CrowdLanyard, and CrowdBand all offer replaceable battery options.
Streamlining Check-Ins
CrowdSync offers a full refurbishment program for many of our LED wearables. This program takes recycling a step further in extending the product life cycle. Our team will work with yours to collect, recharge, and reuse the wearable for future events.


Our journey to more sustainable wearables.

CrowdSync began with a goal of enhancing the fan experience. To date, our controllable LED solutions have become industry staples in corporate, music, and sporting events.

As we look to the future, our engineering team develops products that not only elevate the fan experience, but do so in a way that is environmentally conscious. This is why we focus on recycling, reuse, and refurbishment.

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Making products in 
a sustainable way.

CrowdSync is committed to providing the best wearable in the live event industry. Through refurbishment and reuse; together we can tackle climate change.


Wristbands recycled


Wristbands refurbished 
since Inception


Our goal in moving the industry from the CR-2032 to 100% reusable wearables in the live entertainment space by 2032.

Our sustainable products

Green wearables are smart wearables. Learn more below about some of our sustainable product offering.
CrowdSync Ultraband

Product Specifications

12 Ultra bright LEDs
6-10 hours of battery life
Rechargeable USB-C for many lifecycles
Full color for branding & sponsor opportunities
NFC & QR Code Compatible
Haptic Motor Capabilities

Product Specifications

32 Individually controlled LED's per bar
8-12 hours of battery life
Full 360 Light Emission
56 Inch Height by 2 Inch in Diameter (custom sizing)
Operate via Wireless DMX
Built in Recharging Case

Product Specifications

12 LEDs
Up to 20 hours of battery life
Replaceable batteries for multiple life cycles.
Can be worn as a pendant or affixed in a venue