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Elevate and Illuminate Corporate Events with CrowdSync Cutting-Edge LED + NFC Wearables

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CrowdSync technology is revolutionizing the way we approach corporate events and work spaces. With LED wristbands that can light up the crowd or highlight special employee achievements, your next event is sure to be a hit. And with NFC-enabled wristbands that can be used for check-ins, purchasing concessions, or accessing links, your event will be more streamlined than ever before.

In the work place, NFC-enabled wristbands or lanyards can replace boring old ID cards, allowing employees to scan in and out of the office or check into meetings with ease. And with customizable features, these wristbands can even be used to track employee productivity and attendance.

What’s Possible

CrowdSync has solutions for all corporations.

Corporate Events

Elevate corporate events with CrowdSync LED wearables, creating a celebratory atmosphere that recognizes achievements and fosters a sense of pride and camaraderie.

Smart Tech

Transform corporate events and the workplace with CrowdSync NFC wearables, enabling effortless networking, streamlined check-ins, customized content delivery & more.

In The Workplace

Empower the modern workplace with CrowdSync NFC wearables, transforming traditional badges and smart cards into versatile tools for seamless access control, secure authentication, streamlined workflows, efficiency and convenience.

LED Capabilities


At an awards ceremony, use LED wristbands to highlight special employee achievements with a unique color or pattern.

Audience Reactions

Enhance attendee experience by lighting up LED wristbands in response to audience reactions during performances.

Customized Branding

Customize LED wristbands to match event or company branding, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Event Guidance

Use the LED wristbands to guide attendees through the event space, with different colors or patterns indicating different areas or activities.

Games & Activities

Enhance attendee experience with interactive games or activities that utilize LED wristbands, such as trivia or scavenger hunts.

Party Experiences

Create an immersive party experience by lighting up the dance floor with different colors and patterns that match the music.

Team-Building Activities

Use the LED wristbands to facilitate team-building activities, with different colors or patterns indicating different teams or groups.

Showcase Products & Features

Use LED wristbands in presentations or product launches to showcase different features of your product/ service with various color patterns.

CrowdTag NFC Capabilities

Event Check-ins

Use NFC wristbands for event check-in. Attendees can tap their wristbands for entry, reducing wait times and streamlining the process.

Kiosks & Booths

Install NFC kiosks or booths for attendees to access giveaways, enter raffles, or join contests with a simple tap of their wristbands.

Food & Beverage Tokens

Use NFC wristbands for hassle-free purchases of merchandise, food, and drinks at events.

Networking & Lead Retrieval

Use NFC wristbands for seamless and efficient networking, allowing attendees to tap and exchange contact information.

Office Access

Use NFC-enabled wristbands instead of traditional ID cards in the workplace for easy access to the office, meetings and certain areas.

Employee Tracking

Track attendance and productivity, enabling easy monitoring of employee work hours, meeting attendance, and other key metrics.

Progress Tracking

Use NFC wristbands for training. Employees can tap wristbands to access modules, track progress and earn certifications.

Improve Company Culture

Use NFC wristbands for team-building activities, allowing employees to enter competitions, complete challenges, & earn points.

Latest Corporate Event

Watch how our wristbands were put to use during CDK Global’s corporate event here! 
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