The Benefits of NFC Contact Cards

2 min read
July 29, 2019

Statistically, ten billion business cards get printed annually. Nearly eight billion cards
will be tossed or lost within the first week after printing. Business cards have been a
staple in business since the 15th century. However, as we continue to advance in
technology, many companies are looking to digitize every possible aspect of their
services. NFT technology has become widely recognized over the past ten years and can
offer access to endless information just by a simple tap on a mobile device. Recently,
digital business cards contributed to the long list of technical advancements.

Seamlessly Share Your Contact

Seamlessly Share Your Contact Details

Nothing is worse than attending a networking event and meeting potential clients but
running out of business cards. NFC contact cards enable users to share their contact
information with a single tap. The software is compatible with any modern smartphone
and can be used as a CRM integration to grow your business immediately. Contact cards
are sharable on multiple platforms such as in-person events, virtual meetings, and online

Customize Your Card to Perfection

Similarly to traditional business cards, NFC contact cards can conveniently fit in your
wallet and are customizable. CrowdSync works directly with clients to create a sleek,
professional, and original design for your cards. Clients and a team member of
CrowdSync will also collaborate in creating the messaging and other details for a
potential customer to review. Clients can also select add-ons that represent their brands
and approve updates every step of the way.

Save Cost & Protect the Environment

Save Cost and Protect the Environment

Despite what some may argue, NFC is the way of the future. Transforming various
aspects of the business to digital platforms has proven to increase savings and be more
favorable in an eco-friendly society. Employers are spending an average of $194 per
employee on business cards. And the paper has contributed to the damage to the aquatic
ecosystem and other environmental concerns. Not only does digitalization increase
efficiency and productivity but it also lowers operation costs and also reduces carbon

Built in CRM

Using NFC tags is the quickest way to grow a business. After the exchange of information,
the system will automatically integrate analytics. Businesses can design a
cross-functionality of communication for their team and benefit from the information
shared by potential customers who can compartmentalize as leads instantly. Client
information can be updated through sources like CrowdSync’s database easily and cards
can be linked to redirect clients to landing pages, URLs, and social media.
NFC continues to impact communication and how we conduct business daily. Business
cards are becoming more antiquated and easily discarded in the way we view pennies. It
will benefit your business to stay ahead of the current trends and maximize your
opportunities to stay connected with as many clients as possible for half the cost.