Learn How to Satisfy Event Goers and Improve Efficiency By Using NFC Technology

2 min read
July 29, 2019

Rewind to your first concert--stepping into the arena, showing your paper ticket. Adrenaline pierces your heart and echoes the intensity of the baseline. Vibrant fluorescent lights hypnotize the wanting crowd; palpable anticipation swirls in the air. Concerts offer event-goers a utopian flashback that could last a lifetime. A properly formulated event provides a contemporary experience that is efficient and inspirational. Companies like CrowdSync, are committed to applying forward-thinking technology by creating a unique experience and prioritizing crowd engagement. NFC technology guarantees efficiency in providing these professional services, paving the way for a potential record-breaking festival season.

Near Field Communication

In the early 2000s, Sony and Phillips developed NFC software. Today, nearly 73% of smartphones support NFC. It's arguably the most transformative aspect of event management. NFC high-tech wristbands allow for an immersive experience and a faster admission process for guests. Event organizers can supply attendees with interchangeable colored wristbands and allow printing tickets to become a thing of the past.

We Value Simplicity

Event Goers crave creative spaces with complementary audiences and settings that guarantee a memorable experience. Post Millennium technology has society wired in “fear of missing out” syndrome. There’s massive earning potential for the next exclusive experience. Event Goers using Crowdsync NFC wristbands can connect a smartphone to share contact information, payments, social media, photos, videos, and more through a secured network. Attendees can also receive newsletters and updates from organizers for future events.

High Tech Wearables

Using NFC technology is a no-brainer for contemporary event organizers. Not only is the mobile-friendly feature useful to generate tickets, but it's an alternative to business cards. Vendor and affiliates information is readily accessible to event goers to review at a later date. Event organizers can choose from an array of NFC technology with CrowdSync to suit the needs of their guests. The company offers hypoallergenic silicone and cloth wearables, NFC phone tags, NFC cards, and more.

Bringing people together in a space enriched by inspiration is a benefit for both parties. Event organizers and attendees can create a historic experience from the touch of their devices.

To create a lasting impression for your attendees, learn more about CrowdSync’s NFC wearable technology to elevate and streamline your next event.