RFID- Access Control & Data Analytics The Future Of Live Events

3 min read
July 29, 2019

RFID Technology is the future of live events. From full-on access control, to data analytics, to cashless payments. RFID makes everything easier for the event organizer, vendor, and most importantly the consumer.

Its time do do away with paper, and switch to radio frequency identification. Save money, save time, and obtain information useful to you and all workers.

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments have a lot of advantages when you offer it at your event. Cashless payments offer a much higher profitability than your tradition cash or CC payment. It speeds up lines, and is totally user friendly as well.

Our RFID technology pairs with our CrowdPass event management platform, all you have to do is get your RFID wristband scanned and you’re ready to spend!

Social Activations

RFID provides the user with onsite activations and social interaction. Providing the event holders real time insights, interactive experiences and overall enhancement.

Connect your live event to social medias easily by providing these on-site activations for your attendees.

Attendee Registration + Access Control

Registering attendees through RFID is the most streamlined process on the market. It provides the workers with easy entrance management at the event, with almost seamless entry.

An attendee portal is provided to easily register for any event, also giving the ability to track attendees to follow trends and see where adjustments can be made on-site in real time. Using our CrowdPass platform paired with RFID technology makes your event more secure, eliminating fraudulent tickets.

Data Analytics + Observability

Our RFID wristbands, when linked to the CrowdPass platform provides end-to-end observability. The dashboards are easy to interpret, providing you with real time data before the event, during, and post event.

Our RFID technology empowers event developers to host smarter events at any venue or location. With no Wi-fi needed, RFID is the most convenient, efficient, and profitable way to throw an event.