See how CrowdSync has amplified sporting events with our LED and RFID technology

New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist Night

The CrowdSync team worked with the New York Rangers to create a spectacular experience for King Henrik Lundqvist's banner ceremony on January 28th at Madison Square Garden.
20,000 LED wristbands lit up to make the ceremony more special than it already was for the fans, players, and Henrik Lundqvist himself.
The wristbands made an already emotional ceremony even more incredible, lighting up red, white, and blue throughout it all. They gave the fans a sense of togetherness when sending one of their favorite players of all time to the rafters!

Green Bay Packers 2022 NFC Divisional Round At Lambeau Field

CrowdSync worked with the Green Bay Packers for their 2022 Divisional Round playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers at the historic Lambeau Field.
Lighting up the stadium with the Packers iconic green and yellow color scheme was nothing short of beautiful. The wristbands lit up for the halftime show and every Packers touchdown.
There were a total of 81,000 wristbands, enough to fill the whole stadium with bright lights.
The energy at Lambeau was unmatched and the fans absolutely loved the light show.

Dallas Stars 2021 Home Opener

The CrowdSync team worked with the Dallas Stars to make their home opener against the the Los Angeles Kings special!
20,000 wristbands were lit up in unison for the opening ceremonies in order to create excitement and drive the overall fan engagement. The wristbands lit up Stars green, which illuminated the arena and made for a beautiful light show.
There were spectacular beaming lights throughout the game, and the fans absolutely loved them.

Atlanta Hawks 2021 Home Opener At StateFarm Arena

CrowdSync worked with the Atlanta Hawks, lighting up their home opener at StateFarm Arena!
Making it flash for the player introductions, national anthem, and gameplay action. Our wristbands created an unforgettable light show and totally enhanced the in arena experience for the fans!
20,000 wristbands all ignited together, with their main sponsor StateFarm and their logo on the bands!

Florida Panthers 2021 Home Opener

CrowdSync worked with the Florida Panthers to make their home opener against the the Pittsburgh Penguins special!
We lit up 20,000 wristbands to celebrate this home opener, and they did not disappoint! Lighting up Panther red created an extremely eye-catching activation.
The fans loved the bands, and we sure did too!

Los Angeles Clippers Round 1 & 2 Playoff

CrowdSync Technology worked with the Los Angeles Clippers, activating their first and second round playoff series with their LED wristbands. A total of 98 thousand wristbands were lit up throughout both series, creating an immersive and beautiful experience for the fans and players.
The wristbands lit up red, white & blue for the team colors and went absolutely crazy when they scored! It brought the fans closer to what was happening on the court, it made them feel a stronger connection to the game.

New England Patriots 2019 Banner Ceremony

CrowdSync Technology worked with the New England Patriots for their 2019 Super Bowl Championship Banner Ceremony & Home Opener.
70,000 CrowdSync Controllable Wristbands we're placed in seats and coordinated to a giant 40 yard x 40 yard on field projection mapped video.

The Washington Football Team: NFL Draft

During the 2019 NFL Draft, the Washington Football Team chose to work with CrowdSync Technology to make sure their fans had an unforgettable experience! This is our second year in a row attending the Draft.
All 5000 attendees received LED wristbands, as well as lanyards, matching the color scheme of the Washington Football Team. Fans had a blast showing support for their favorite team while lighting up the streets of Nashville.

Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL Playoffs are among the most exciting games in all of sports, and CrowdSync Technology specializes in electrifying the game-time atmosphere even further! Game Two of the NHL Conference Finals featured the Tampa Bay Lighting at home against the Washington Capitals, and the Lighting wanted to create the most excitement possible for the game. 20,000 CrowdSync LED Wristbands, fully mapped to the production, lit up the arena during the incredible introduction produced by the Lighting.

University Of Kentucky

CrowdSync Technology was brought in by the University of Kentucky to help kick off Kentucky's Basketball Season with their annual BIG BLUE MADNESS Event! Utilizing more than 18,000 LED Lanyards, CrowdSync lit up the fans creating special moments and rallying excitement throughout the arena. The event was nationally broadcasted by ESPN and make headlines in both local and national press. A special appearance was made by Drake, a loyal supporter of the Kentucky Wildcats!

New York City FC

On November 5th 2017, NYCFC continued their playoff push at Yankee Stadium, CrowdSync Technology supplied 15,000 LED Wristbands to add to the excitement of the game. The entire crowd turned NYCFC and AT&T blue in sync with game introductions, celebrations and goals.
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