How The Tech Works

Our System, Process, Options and Programs
All our controllable LED wristbands and other products have a built-in RF chip. You only need one CrowdSync DMX transmitter Base Station to control thousands of units to light up in any color or sequence you choose.

We can deliver you a performance of a lifetime, or you can take control of your show, whatever you choose!

DMX Transmitter -
Contents + Setup

Contents You’ll receive:
  • Laptop preloaded with Lighting software
  • Laptop Charger
  • CrowdSync DMX Transmitter
  • DMX software Access Dongle
  • Antenna
  • Micro-USB cord
  • 6V/1Amp Power Supply

Setup Tutorial Video

How Does LED Wristband Distribution Work?

We deliver your orders straight to your doorstep, whether that be your home, office, or event venue!
We also let you choose your method of distribution to ensure efficiency and productivity.


  • LED products will be left under or on the seats of your venue, always following the show design agreed upon.
  • Perks
    • No hold ups, all the attendees have to do is head to their seats
    • The light show design options are endless
    • Your rehearsal can go on without a hitch as your wearables are already in place

Venue Gates

  • Allow attendees to receive their LED wearable by handing them out at venue gates or section entrances.
  • Perks
    • This method is more practical for large events as it allows for venue groups to be seamlessly targeted in terms of which whristband they receive.
    • Allow light show effects to take place in terms of venue sectioning (think chases, circular effects, or color waves)


  • Have the LED wearables distributed right as the attendees enter your event.
  • Perks
    • Minimize the number of distributors needed by having the distributors located at the same place, at the entrance.

Other Tech Options

Recycling Program

We offer multiple options that are both good economically and environmentally
  1. Attendees keep the wristbands after the show. A great souvenir
  2. Collect the wristbands at the end of your event to reuse for another
  3. Refurbish your wristbands with new Lithium Ion batteries
Our Main Mission Is To Improve Our Overall Sustainability And Cut Our Carbon Footprint.
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