RFID Technology



-Access control & tracking - learn more about your attendees
-Connect your RFID integrations with your brand activations


Smarter Events Through Data Analytics
-Real time data analytics from your attendees event experiences
-Learn from your events to create better events
-Tap-to-scan RFID technology for a seamless experience


Make The Most Of Your Event
-Cashless accessibility; turn your event into a cashless experience
-Maximize vendor operations, logistics and ROI
-Real-time statistics and data on vendor success allows for informative decisions
-Integrate ticketing into our technology

RFID Wearable Technology

RFID Wearable
Our RFID Wristbands will take your event to the next level by providing attendee clearance, cashless payments, data tracking, and overall better engagement at the event!
RFID + LED Wearable
Further enhance your event experience by combining your LED + RFID technology. Our fully controllable technology allows for unlimited color combinations and effects.


CrowdSync’s RFID Activation At 88 Rising Music Festival

CrowdSync partnered with music and cultural brand 88 Rising for their inaugural Head in the Clouds Music Festival at LA Historic State Park.
CrowdSync worked with ticketing partner Front Gate Tickets to supply 20,000 Cloth LED & RFID Activated wristbands. Front Gate then fulfilled and shipped each wristband to ticket holders.
All data was tracked through RFID technology, and every attendee was cleared via RFID integrated LED wristbands

CrowdSync’s RFID Event Brand Activation At The Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival

Watch To See how we helped Nissan wire up the 2018 Billboard Music Festival to
  • Register & Link Attendees
  • Deploy Custom Branded Kiosks
  • Incorporate Scan-To-Win Prizing
  • Custom Photobooths

CrowdSync Activates 3000 Attendees For Peloton’s Homecoming Weekend

Watch To See how we helped Nissan wire up the 2018 Billboard Music Festival to
  • Used RFID Wristbands to Register & Link over 3000 Attendees
  • Check-In attendees at over 18 different activation areas across 5 venues throughout New York City
  • Provide valuable post event data & analytics from which activation areas attendees went to most
  • Provide day specific access control to certain areas attendees pre-registered for
247 Centre St 4 FL, New York
NY 10013
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