CrowdSync Introduces Controllable LED Face Masks

September 9, 2020

CrowdSync the leaders in controllable LED Wristbands & Event Technology has a new innovative, fun, and safe way to help bring back live events!

The controllable LED face mask uses CrowdSync’s wireless LED event control technology and brings a revolutionary new experience to any event. Our LED Face Masks allows and encourages attendees to don a beautiful face mask throughout an event all while creating a new & incredible visual experience.

CrowdSync Technology pivoted to develop during the rise of Covid-19,  supplying millions of face masks & essential PPE supplies through the peak of the pandemic to keep organizations and individuals safe. Now we join all live event proffesionals in coming up with innovative ways to reopen and launch new events!

Controllable Light Up LED Face Masks for Concerts/Events
Our LED Face Masks Features:
  • CrowdSyncs proprietary plug & play event control technology.
  • Thousands of full RGB color control options, and are rechargeable using the micro USB and lithium ion battery included in your purchase.
  • 8+ hours of battery life and replaceable micro particle filters, these masks are a must have for the future of Concerts & Events.
  • Both Stand-Alone & Fully Controllable models available

You have to see it to believe it!

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NY 10013
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