Enhance your conference, meeting, or other corporate event experience with CrowdSync Technology's innovative products and systems!

Microsoft Inspire At Omnia Las Vegas

CrowdSync helped light up the 2019 Microsoft Inspire Conference Party in partnership with Thuzi. Over 4000 LED Controllable RFID Wristbands were handed out to attendees and lit up to the music all night long!
While using the Thuzi RFID Platform, the wristbands enabled with RFID tags each wristband was registered to an individual attendee and provided access to the event as well as linked to RFID activations throughout the Inspire Conference.

Vayner Sports ESPY's Party

CrowdSync helped to light up the Vayner Sports (ran by the one and only GaryVee) ESPYS’s afterparty in Los Angeles. Attendee’s and VIP’s received controllable LED Wristbands that lit up to the music & the event all night!


CrowdSync Technology helped Cornerstone light up their brand at one of their many events.
A special performance by Pitbull and a custom, Cornerstone-branded CrowdSync LED Wristband on every attendee worked together to create a special night for everyone in attendance!

YouTube Space LA

YouTube Space was created by YouTube as a place and studio for creatives, influencers, and others to come together and work creatively on projects.
CrowdSync Technology helped YouTube light up the monthly ‘Music Night’ at YouTube Space LA, adding an immersive touch to the showcase of awesome artists performing that night!

See It In Action!

CrowdSync is a amazing way to add a layer of fun & creating special moments through our Controllable LED Wristbands for
  • Galas & Fundraisers
  • Corporate Meetings, Keynotes, and After Parties
  • Conferences & Receptions
  • Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and special celebrations
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